Imana Stock Cubes Competition 2018 National Campaign  Terms and Conditions:

1. The name of the Competition is the IMANA Stock Cubes Competition.

2. The competition will run from 22 July 2018 to 7 October 2018. Late entries will not be accepted.

3. The competition is open to South African citizens residing within the Republic of South Africa.

No employees, directors, agents or merchandisers and their immediate family members directly connected to or in the employment of IMANA Foods SA (Pty) Ltd, its subsidiaries and business partners, associates, advertising or promotion agencies and staff members of the participating outlets may take part in the competition.
Participants may enter as many times as they like provided they use a different unique code for each entry.

Only 1 entry per unique code will be processed. Multiple entries from the same cellphone number are allowed provided each entry uses a different unique code. However, only 1 cellphone number will be allowed to win a CASH CARD prize once for the competition duration and a maximum of 20 airtime voucher wins will be allowed on that cellphone number.
Invalid codes will not be accepted as an entry and a cellphone number will be disqualified after 10 invalid codes entered.
8. To enter the competition entrants must dial the USSD (unstructured supplementary service data) code *120*3353# as stipulated on the sticker on selected IMANA Stock Cubes packs. You will then be prompted to enter the unique code found on the back of this sticker. Once you have entered the unique code, you will then be prompted to enter your favourite variant, your age, and gender. Entry will be charged at 20c per 20 seconds. Free minutes do not apply.     

All consumers entering the competition correctly will be notified of their valid entry. Those consumers who do not enter a Unique Code or duplicate an existing entered code will be notified that their entry is invalid.
10. The prizes are as follows:

10.1 R70 000 worth of cash cards as follows: 10 x R3000, 10 x R2500 and 10 x R1500 to be won over the competition period.

10.2 R30 000 worth of airtime as follows: 6000 x R5 airtime to be won over the competition period.    
11. A random electronic draw will take place for the CASH CARDS. A total of 10 x R3000, 10 x R2500 and 10 x R1500 draws will take place over the competition period commencing Friday 3 August 2018 and will include entries up until 24h00 of the Thursday before the draw date. Winners will be notified by IMANA Foods SA (Pty) Ltd. A random electronic draw of approximately 76 daily airtime winners will take place daily commencing 23 July 2018 for the airtime (a total of 532 winners will be drawn each week). The winners will be notified daily and directly by SMS by Foneworx (Pty) Ltd. The SMS will include the pre-paid airtime voucher number and pin. Winners must enter the pre-paid voucher number into their cellular phones to redeem their airtime. The promoter is not liable for failure of any technical element relating to this promotional competition that may result in an entry not being successfully submitted.
12. Handover of CASH CARD prizes:

12.1 The IMANA Area Agent will hand over the cash cards to the winner at the store where the winner purchased their IMANA Stock Cubes pack.
13. The judge’s decision will be final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

14. Cash Cards cannot be used for any transactions at an ATM machine, at a bank teller or for online purchases. It can only be used at an in-store electronic terminal in the Republic of South Africa, where Mastercard is accepted. Balance enquiries can be made by sending an sms with the card number to the sms line number supplied or by dialing the number supplied. The recipient is responsible for the safekeeping of the card. The card is the same as having cash in your pocket. If the card is lost or stolen and used by someone else the recipient will lose all the funds in their card.
Cash Card winners will have 72 hours to submit their identification documents to claim their prize. If the winner does not comply within the stipulated time, they will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be drawn and the same rules apply. Once the competition closes and a winner has not responded within a 72 hour period then the prize will be forfeited.
16. The visual of the cash cards on the artwork is a visual representation only and may differ from the actual cash card prize.    
Handover of prizes will be arranged when the winner is phoned and the address and time for the hand over is confirmed.
18. Alternate winners will be selected should IMANA Foods SA (Pty) Ltd not be able to reach the winner three times within three days.

19. Prizes cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.

20. IMANA Foods SA (Pty) Ltd or their agents do not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to goods or personal injury suffered as a result of participating or winning any prize, and will also not be responsible or liable for any further expenses or fees required for purpose of using, applying or enjoying the prize won in this competition.    

Winners consent to IMANA Foods SA (Pty) Ltd using their names for publicity purposes. All entrants, by participating, grant IMANA Foods SA (Pty) Ltd permission to contact them in connection with this promotion and/or future marketing and promotion purposes. Consumers shall retain the right to withdraw this consent at any stage should they not wish to participate in any promotional activities.
22. The competition closes on 7 October 2018 at 24h00.    

23. The rules of this competition can be found at www.imana.co.za or call the customer care line


Winners of the CASH CARDS will be announced and made available on the IMANA Foods SA (Pty) Ltd website – www.imana.co.za