The IMANA Dream

IMANA FOODS: A Caring Company built on Faith and a Dream.

John Alcock had a dream to start a company that would be a beacon of hope throughout the African continent. He spoke of the Promised Land, stretching from the Wilderness (on the Cape South Coast) to the Mediterranean, and of a company that would offer jobs for many, with products that would feed and nourish a continent.
John recognized the benefits of the humble soya bean, an excellent source of protein and nourishment, and he knew that this would form the foundation of this dream. His vision of seeing business as a missionary opportunity and of being a blessing to Africa, a vision based not on just getting rich, but rather one of making a difference, attracted key people to the business, including John’s son, Paul, who joined the fledgling business a year after it began, and who took the product to the trade.
Founded from these humble beginnings, IMANA FOODS believes in bringing a wide basket of meal solutions and flavour enhancement to homes across the African continent. IMANA FOODS’ products are nutritious, full of flavour and have been delighting consumers with their great taste since 1984.
Today, IMANA FOODS is the leader in the South African Soya Mince market, with a strong and growing presence in a number of other product categories.
It is the vision of IMANA FOODS to not only produce high quality, great tasting products, but through the medium of business to bring hope to people’s lives through a caring ethos permeating everything it does. An ethos founded on servant hood, an ethos committed to excellence. This vision is now also touching neighbouring countries such as Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia, Lesotho and Zambia.
What started with a dream to improve malnutrition in Africa from a garage in Kloof in 1984 has grown to be much more, a story that any African company can be proud of.
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